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Review from MetalDisciple.com

Review from MetalDisciple.com


A little over a year after the release of their last album, South Korea’s Harry Big Button is back with a new EP called “Perfect Storm.”

I have had the pleasure of reviewing the band’s previous two releases, so I was excited to get an email from main-man Sungsoo Lee delivering me a copy of “Perfect Storm.”

The last time I spoke with Sungsoo he was still in the process of recovering from a bad traffic accident, so I was glad to learn from his email that he is now fully recovered and rocking harder than ever. That’s great news, man!

“Perfect Storm” contains five new songs and I could tell almost right away that the band’s sound has evolved a little more even in this past year. Last year when I reviewed “King’s Life” I noted that it seemed a little bit heavier than 2011’s “Hard ‘N’ Loud.” Once again I feel like Sungsoo is perhaps pushing the heavy envelope even further with “Perfect Storm.” ……

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