들국화 30 앨범 참여 ('행진' 리메이크) 탑밴드2 앨범 참여 ('King's Life') and etc  

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Man of Spirit (May 2017)

Man of Spirit (Full-Length Album, May 2017) Apple Music/iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/man-of-spirit/1245981725 01. Man of Spirit 02. SOS. (Save Our Souls) 03. Contamination 04. Drifter 05. Social Network 06. Fun is Fun and Done is Done 07. Trust Game (album ver.) ...

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King’s Life (Nov 2012)

King’s Life (Full-Length Album, Nov 2012) Label – HardBoiledMusic, Sony Music Mastering by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, N.Y. Apple Music/iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/kings-life/578972765 Bandcamp http://harrybigbutton.bandcamp.com/album/kings-life 01. Angry Face 02. Stand For You 03. King's Life 04. TV Show 05. Fxxx You ...

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Hard’N’Loud (Aug 2011)

Hard’N’Loud (EP Album, Aug 2011) Fxxx You Very Much Angry Face Stand for You http://harrybigbutton.bandcamp.com/album/hardnloud  

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