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HarryBigButton are three piece hard rocking band formed in Seoul, Korea. Based on mixture between modern and vintage hard rock, HarryBigButton sound is soulful and powerful. Their music features intense and heavy guitar...


2017.05 Man of Spirit (Full-Length)   2015.12 Man of Spirit (Single)   2015.7 Social Network (Single)   2014.4 Perfect Storm (EP)   2013.7 Control (Single) 2012.11 King’s Life...

HarryBigButton Gear

  Sungsoo Lee (Lead Vocal/Lead Guitar) Gibson Les Paul Custom Ebony Gibson Les Paul Custom Wine Red Corona HarryBigButton Custom Guitar ESP explorer Orange TH100 Head Egnater Tourmaster 4100 Head Mesa/Boogie Vintage...

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Member Profile

  Sungsoo Lee (Lead Vocal/Lead Guitar) Taegi Keem (Drums) Si-won Lee (Bass...

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HarryBigButton is a rock band from...

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