Album review by Ethan Horton from Hillz FM

HarryBigButton celebrate 12 years strong with the release of cinematic masterpiece “Big Fish.” "Overall, Big Fish encapsulates everything that is great about Korean music and what makes us fall in love with fans. With each song seemingly having ...

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[Review] HarryBigButton – Man of Spirit

The album hammers us with a strong spirit and probes into soul-searching. In addition, it offers calm moments and thrilling fun rock ‘n’ roll lead by Sungsoo’s roaring, yet tamed voice. Overall, there’s a playful yet serious nature ...

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러시아 웹진의 FNR fest 2017 해리빅버튼 공연 리뷰

https://web.archive.org/web/20181011070414/https://grink-city.ru/news/post/475-fnr-fest-v-klube-velicano 러시아 웹진의 FNR fest 2017 해리빅버튼 공연 리뷰. "그룹 헤이즈의 음악은 관객들을 몽롱하게 만들었다.하지만 한국의 3인조 밴드 해리빅버튼의 등장은 이러한 상황으로부터 우리를 구출해냈다. 해리빅버튼은 순식간에 사람들을 다시 원래대로 돌려놓았다. 그들의 퍼포먼스를 한마디로 표현하자면 ‘대폭풍(Hurricane)’이다. 이 폭풍 하드록은 ...

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Review from MetalDisciple.com

HarryBigButton– PERFECT STORM A little over a year after the release of their last album, South Korea’s Harry Big Button is back with a new EP called “Perfect Storm.” I have had the pleasure of reviewing the band’s ...

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Review from Rock Music Critc

We have received the great review from Rock Music Critic this morning. Read full review on http://metaldisciple.com/Album-Reviews/harrybigbutton-hard-n-loud Many thanks to George Washburn of rockmusiccritic.com  

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