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[Review] HarryBigButton – Man of Spirit

[Review] HarryBigButton – Man of Spirit

The album hammers us with a strong spirit and probes into soul-searching. In addition, it offers calm moments and thrilling fun rock ‘n’ roll lead by Sungsoo’s roaring, yet tamed voice.

Overall, there’s a playful yet serious nature despite the hard sound and rough vocals. It offers a reflection of our current behaviors, but it is also a good source of inspiration for those that are going through turbulent times. There is a balance between elements that make the album enticing and fun without being repetitive or overwhelming. HarryBigButton delivers a constructive view of the world with hard rock ‘n’ roll melodies in Man of Spirit.

Review by by (Mir)ella, Rock ‘N Seoul

Full article : https://rocknseoul.com/2017/10/02/review-harrybigbutton-man-of-spirit/

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