The Band

The Band

Seokje Woo (Bass guitar) Sungsoo Lee (Vocal/Guitar) Bokyung Choi (Drums)
HarryBigButton are three piece Hard Rocking band formed in 2011
by Sungsoo Lee, a formal member of Korea’s
most influencing rock bands ‘Crash’ and ‘sPooN’

“Lee Sungsoo roars through the lyrics with his deep voice
and stomps on the stage, his shaggy hair flies rhythmically
to the powerful guitar sound.”
– Park Jin-hai, Korea Times

“This hard rock album shows outstanding creative with style,
and goes well beyond trends.
– Moon, Jungho, Korean Music Awards Committee

“It’s what rock dreams are made of and what every fan wishes
to experience live. It’s over the top in every aspect
without being overwhelming.”
– [Mir]ella, Rock’N Seoul

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