The Band


HarryBigButton are three piece Hard Rocking band formed in 2011
by rock veteran Sungsoo Lee, a formal member of Korea’s most
influencing rock bands ‘Crash’ and ‘sPooN’ in the past.

The first full-length album <King’s Life> was released in October 2012
and was critically acclaimed by worldwide.

Upon the success of their first album, they became one of the most popular
Rock band in the major music festival scenes in Korea.

They’ve released their second full-length album <Man of Spirit> in May, 2017
and successfully finished their concert tour in Russia three time from
throughout 2017.

The band has seen a meteoric rise to fame in their home country over the past
year, they have been appearing at almost every major live club and music
festival, as well as the nationwide broadcast of TV shows (music shows).
Both local and expat audiences around Korea have been shaken up by
the band’s testosterone-fueled guitar sound and the manly confidence of
Sungsoo’s powerful vocals, which, coupled with the majority of his lyrics being
sung in flawless English, make HarryBigButton a true rarity within the fairly
young Korean Rock scene and always expressing their own voices not only
by their music but also by participating many social activities.

HarryBigButton are an ever-evolving top Korean hard rock band and ready to
unleash rock and roll to the world!

Lee Sungsoo roars through the lyrics with his deep voice and stomps on
the stage, his shaggy hair flies rhythmically to the powerful guitar sound.”
– Park Jin-hai, Korea Times

“This hard rock album shows outstanding creative with style, and goes well
beyond trends.
– Moon, Jungho, Korean Music Awards Committee

“It’s what rock dreams are made of and what every fan wishes to
experience live. It’s over the top in every aspect without being
– [Mir]ella, Rock’N Seoul