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Vintage and Modern Sound

HarryBigButton is a post-hard rock band formed in Seoul, Korea.
Their music features intense and heavy guitar riffs, distinctive groovy
rhythms, tight arrangements and deep roar of charismatic vocals.

The band, named after a slang term for a cheap, vintage car stereo
with chunky big buttons.

The debut EP album titled “Hard ‘N’ Loud” was released in 2011.

In 2012, they began to receive public attention after appearing
in a national TV-station KBS “Top Band”.

The first full-length album “King’s Life” was released in October 2012
and was critically acclaimed by worldwide.

Upon the success of their first album, they became one of the most-
Rock band in the major music festival scenes in Korea.

HarryBigButton are an ever-evolving top Korean hard rock band
and ready to unleash rock and roll to the world!


2022    Rock in Germany (Kesselhaus in Berlin, Knus in Hamburg)

2022.   JUMF – Jeonju Ultimate Music Festival

2022    MUDae 2022 : Rock in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg)

2021    10th Anniversary concert

2021    Save Our Stages Korea

2020    MU:CON Showcase

2020    MBC Najang, Nanjang Sound Festival
2019     Taoyuan Iron Rose Music Festival in Taiwan

2019     Live in Khabarovsk, Russia
2019     Busan International Rock Festival
2019     Pentaport Rock Festival
2019     Rock in Russia 6 (Khabarovsk /  Birobidzhan / Vladivostok)
2018     Busan International Rock Festival
2018     JUMF @ Jeonju Stadium
2017     Rock in Russia concert tour (Mar, Sep, Nov)
(Vladivostok / Khabarovsk / Birobidzhan / Komsomolsk / Moscow / St Petersburg)
2016      Valley Rock Music & Arts Festival
2016      Lets Rock Festival
2016      Zandari Festa
2015      MU:CON Showcase
2015      Zandari Festa
2015      Ansan M Valley Rock Festival
                 (with Motorhead, Foo Fighters etc.)
2015      EXIT Soundholic Festival
2014      Zandari Festa
2014      Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival 2014
                 (with Starsailor, Kasabian etc)
2014      Soundholic Festival 2014 Exit
2013      HarryBigButton Solo Concert  – Friendship
2013      Jet Fest 2013
2013      Korea Live Music Festival
2013      Lets’ Rock Festival
2013      Busan International Rock Festival
2013      Super Sonic 2013
                 (with Pet Shop Boys, Earth Wind & Fire, John Legend etc)
2013      Jisan World Rock Festival
                (with Placebo, Jamiroquai, Weezer etc)
2013      Green Plugged Festival
2012      Jisan Valley Rock Festival
                 (with Radio Head, The Stone Roses etc)




“it’s what rock dreams are made of and what every fan wishes to experience live. It’s over the top in every aspect without being overwhelming,”
– [Mir]ella, Rock’N Seoul, October 2, 2017 /


“그들의 퍼포먼스를 한마디로 표현하자면 ‘대폭풍(Hurricane)’이다.
이 폭풍 하드록은 벨리카노(공연장 Velicano)를 그들의 사운드로 두드리며 휘몰아쳤다.”
– Эдуард Прусь, Grint City, March 29, 2017 /


Lee Sung-soo roars through the lyrics with his deep voice and stomps on the stage, his shaggy hair flies rhythmically to the powerful guitar sound.”
– Park Jin-hai, Korea Times, April 28, 2014 / 



Masculine charm, bold sound with true hard rock grooves.”


  – Kwon, Sukjeong, Korean Music Awards Committee, April 2014 / 



“ Best example of explosion and composure.”
– Lee, Minhee, Korean Music Awards Committee, April 2014 / 



“ This hard rock album shows outstanding creative with style, and goes well beyond trends.
– Moon, Jungho, Korean Music Awards Committee, April 2014 / 



“ Across between traditional hard rock/metal and ’90s alternative with a twist. ”
– George Washburn, Metal Disciple, April 03, 2014 / 



“ Perfect Storm was such a complex and compelling song with such appeal that I’m tempted to say it’s the stronger song overall. However, I can’t decide which I like better ! ”
– Cindy Zimmer, ATK Magazine, May 20, 2014 /



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Label   HardBoiledMusic
Email   harrybigbutton [at] gmail.com
Phone +82(0)50-6464-0710

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