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Greetings from all over the world

Greetings from all over the world

Many thanks to you all! Stay Hard and Keep Rocking! lml

TheStoryPhoenix 6 Apr 2014
I would prefer to listen to this than most of the currently popular music in the US. Go Harry Big Button! XD

whitenoiz 29 Mar 2014
Love this!! Everything blends so nicely, and it’s basically aesthetically perfect!! You’ve got a new fan:)

alsoknownasfreak 25 Mar 2014
Wow, loving the older rock n roll feel to this song! And the singer has a very powerful voice!

marksmee15 25 Mar 2014
Rock music from Korea of this quality as well as a good music video to compliment, in my opinion, is rare. I gotta say i ####ing love you guys for showcasing on Eat Your Kimichi’s video as now i know you guys exist. Bring the Rock’n’roll!!!!! +1 support from Denmark. Wish i could come and see you guys play on the 29th of march >.<

ajr0813 24 Mar 2014
This is rock heaven!

jaymejacob 24 Mar 2014
I think I found my new favorite song for now XD

wickedlady3 24 Mar 2014
Love the sound and the voice. Not a girly screaming voice. I love it.

ajussiwannabe 23 Mar 2014
The cattle bell made this video AWESOME.

K9O9F4N 23 Mar 2014
I came here after this song was promoted on EatYourKimchi and I am so glad I found this song! This rock is amazing!! I love it!

Batoul Berro 23 Mar 2014
Wow this is intense weeeh~ I liked this a lot. I give all my support gives support.

yozo217 23 Mar 2014
Damn, I wish I could go to Hongdae Fest.

Samantha Larsen 23 Mar 2014
So I’m really picky about my rock, but the guitars sold it for me, and the vocals fit really well! Looking forward to seeing more from you guys in the future! 🙂

shartosis1 24 Mar 2014
Gibson and Marshell, the rock sound of every great rock band from the 70’s and 80’s and ive seen these dudes weild the Gibson Explorer, thats the gut check for any rocker. Check out Angry Face and there collab with harly

Aurora Borealis 23 Mar 2014
I could listen to this song for 1000 years and i still wouldn’t get tired of it!!

Joah Tang 23 Mar 2014
Wow! probably the first rock music i’ve ever listen to and it was amazing! very talented!….ANGRY FACE, ANGRY FACE!! haha

Mrslilpimpster 23 Mar 2014
mmm the drums and guitar distortion <33

Sakuya 23 Mar 2014
Love this song and band ~~

Nerdy8irdy 23 Mar 2014
Wow. I actually really like this, not to offend anyone but this a lot better than I expected. Might have to buy the song now 😉

TheStoryPhoenix 6 Apr 2014
OMG This song is so epic!!! XDDD waaaah~~

Fatima Damra 29 Jul 2012
they’r awesome !

Shela Kalemkiewicz 3 Aug 2012
Oh wow this was better than i thought, thanks simon and martina for sharing this. ^^

Phoenix Down 29 Jul 2012
Daym this is good

ainaisthename 29 Jul 2012

Penny Gin 4 Aug 2012
This is great!

addicted2anime123 29 Jul 2012
his voice is quite unique and the instruments sound awesome! 😀 ( for some reason they remind me of ‘K-ON’ :D)

camp cawaii 29 Jul 2012
diru forever ♥

HolyWarriorFury 29 Jul 2012
same here 😀 I do love my kpop, but play some Judas Priest or Iron Maiden etc I’LL ROCK THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!

tatankatoon 29 Jul 2012
holy shi- THANKZZZZZ Simon and Martina~ This is totally awesome!

Dolce Vanegas 19 Mar 2013
Brutal !!

Esselevenue 29 Jul 2012
Holy shit, I love his voice.

mijikaiyoru01 29 Jul 2012
wow never expected to find this kind of music in Korea – i actually grew up listening to Metallica, Black Sabbath and such. Awesome!

Gabriel Cremoneis 20 Jun 2012

Kirsten Guillory 29 Jul 2012
His voice is like bottled concentrate of American 90s grunge rock. Yay!!

MayuKiraMoe 29 Jul 2012
I love this song so much!! 😀

TheHekateris 29 Jul 2012
This reminds me of my childhood listening to Classic Rock on the radio – this is a good thing! Because who doesn’t love rock n roll?

Ristro44 29 Jul 2012
*.* His voice

tasogare82 29 Jul 2012
that was quite cool

Ravonsplot 15 Sep 2012
yeeeeaaah. \m/ Isaac

Lok 7 Sep 2012
Angry Face >:(

lessls 29 Jul 2012
A big T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U to Simon and Martina. You guys made me realise how much i miss. Indie bands, LOVE YOU! And this song is damn perfect :3

Thalia Polynima 1 Aug 2012
Love this song 😀 there should seriously be more k-rock out there, I mean, I love k-pop and all, but I’m a bit tired to listen to the auto-tuned voices after a while Dx oh yeah and I’m also a j-rock fan here 😀

magicalninjapixie 2 Aug 2012
LOL, almost all the comments were in playlist “K Crunch Indie Playlist: July 29th 2012”

Natalia Butler 1 Aug 2012
Wow that’s really good

K bok sun 11 Apr 2013
amzing guys. I love it

Ania K. 29 Jul 2012

kuchibiruu 29 Jul 2012
That voice! He sounds so grungy! *_* love it… about being from the 90’s, i’m too, so I was oogling the “another brick in the wall cover” on the right sidebar while I was hearing this… HERE’S A BIT OF AWESOME–> /watch?v=FfXhTCbdLAw&feature=related

Lunay LeZarde 27 Oct 2013
This band would have fit right into Headbanger’s Ball back in the 80’s. Good sound, not too grungy, not glam metal crisp, just an authentic rock band you’d love to see playing at your corner bar on a Saturday night.

Frances Hubley 29 Jul 2012
His veins are popping out *_* So intense!!!

Pandita SALI 20 Jan 2013
amé su voz *w*

sabine zantinge 9 Jun 2012
Omg i’m your fan!!

dooseoblover 4 Aug 2012
@GwendolynRaine I agree with you man on that one lol he is freaking hot and also has some amazing hair!

haewani wa 29 Jul 2012
i’m so glad simon and martina introduced us to you guys 😀

Min Young Lee 29 Jul 2012
whoa- another surprise to to korean indie band. btw i am korean and i have slightly overlooked korean indie band until simon and martina started to introduce some amazing bands recently

kerkie 30 Jul 2012
I won’t lie, as I’m rocking out to this, I can’t help but be distracted by one of the most GORGEOUS mops of hair I’ve ever seen.

Tauriel V 29 Jul 2012

PiroMunkie 29 Jul 2012
This song is awesome! Takes me back to when American rock was good.

jubeilie 3 Aug 2012
I thought that I wasn’t going to like this but I did. Glad I clicked on it. xD

XSdenkaX 17 Aug 2013
His this HarryBigButton? Woah! even back then h was freaking amazing! YEah!

pilarintechnicolor 14 Jan 2013
Found about this band on a poster on twitter <3 love it

Bathesewa Rai 31 Jul 2012
his voice is just soo…cool, love this band now keke~~

marjlevy 30 Jul 2012
Oh wow! I actually don’t always listen to rock (just once in a while) but this song is great! 🙂

MsSunhappy 3 Aug 2012
i dont know whether its a guitar,electric guitar or bass guitar, but it is in such a high frequency it seriously make me dizzy. if it is reduced a bit, i think it will be glorious. hey, nice song by the way.

Jenizz 29 Jul 2012
Wow! Really loved this.. Gonna check out more! ♥ Greetings from Germany. :3

Sarah T 29 Jul 2012
guys, this is so freaking legit!

Natalia Butler 1 Aug 2012
Wow that’s really good

happymonkey06 4 Aug 2012

Linda Nguyen 29 Jul 2012
omg, i love this song. his voice is the perfect amount of deep

wolfco47 29 Jul 2012
damn… he almost has a Cowboy Mouth sort of voice. I like it.

seasnail404 6 Aug 2012
D:< angry face!

camp cawaii 29 Jul 2012
FREAKING AMAZING these types of voices are HEAVENNNNNNNN

dooseoblover 4 Aug 2012
Amazing song!

Pierre Oat 29 Jul 2012
I wanna hear a cover by them of “bad to the bone” oh man he’d kill it

Eat Your Kimchi 26 Apr 2013
WOOHOO! We have their full album now and it’s AWESOME! 😀

tokioism07 26 Apr 2013
cool guitar riffs

GwendolynRaine 29 Jul 2012
Holy Crap, that guy is hot <333

spaguettyL 29 Jul 2012
ummm, en asia el rock es propiedad Japonesa.

BanditFox Etti 29 Jul 2012
that’s smth new 😀 even though I am a total metal-head when I don’t listen to K-Pop ;DD

Sarah Turner 30 Jul 2012
This band is amazing! It’s kind of like mixing Metallica, Disturbed, and Rammstein all together; and yet it’s something totally unique at the same time. One word: phenomenal! 😀

samuri2011 29 Jul 2012
like if you are here watching because of Simon&Martina! XD

72daystar 29 Jul 2012
Yay, I hate K-Pop. [Except for the pretty dancing ladies] So nice to hear something that rocks!

Jenikime 3 Apr 2014

BeowWulf 24 Mar 2014
Greetings from Amerika! Love that classic LesPaul/Marshall sound. You guys have quickly climbed to one of my favorite rock acts, not just Korean rock acts! Now your fans on the other side of the world need HBB merch! May Odin help you on your rise to dominance!

marieke scholten 13 Dec 2013

BrotherBoldlips 4 Aug 2013

Anna James 28 Jul 2013
I freakin love his voice!

nozdoz160 31 Jul 2013
I just fell in love with the bass player

Qella 28 Jul 2013

Lotus Bomb 10 Aug 2013
That growl! ooooo <3

SexyPantofle 28 Jul 2013
In love.

Namprikforall 3 Aug 2013
ooh, that is really old school, but terribly catchy!!!

Ella Snow 28 Jul 2013
Awesome song, awesome band

Mohd Niezam 30 Jul 2013
I cant control myself either…lmao…

BrotherBoldlips 15 Jul 2013
great MV guys. Saw you guys live recently for the second time and I already look forward to the third.

Jeong Park 15 Aug 2013
It is so addictive!!

AimeeS 雨 7 Aug 2013
It is so weird seeing this sort of korean men singing, it is so awesome.

Tinkerbird 3 Aug 2013

ANBUAzula33 29 Jul 2013
That was LIVE…. Everyone is so good.

TuwaLiking 28 Jul 2013
Dear HarryBigButton, thank you for making awesome music I can listen to early in the morning, to get me gong, on the way to the University. Control gives me energy to write my exams. It’s on repeat, I love it!

Morgan McClain 28 Jul 2013
I.Love.This.So.Much. I’m so glad I listened to EYK. HarryBigButton you freaking rock!!!! <3

Alex Griffes 28 Jul 2013

John Kang 9 Oct 2013
Awesome voice

moli1623 29 Jul 2013
freaking awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

xx2TwistedRosesxx 28 Jul 2013
I’m watching your playlist right now and that’s how I came to this song! 😀

Joanna P. 28 Jul 2013
not necessarily my style but still pretty amazing! and to think it’s a live recording.. wow. just wow!

MeaveChan 28 Jul 2013
Wow, the guitar solo was amaaaaaaaaazing! 🙂 Love it.

danielasylvester 31 Jul 2013
Love it!!!!

Eat Your Kimchi 28 Jul 2013
Always loving that voice.

HarliBug 28 Jul 2013
Love them. And the Korean cousin it. <3

izede 19 Oct 2013
Wow is this really a Korean band? I love it!

John Kang 29 Jul 2013
Is it just me or the singer have Australian accent? I swear I heard Noice.

Mio Mio 28 Jul 2013
i felt disappointed when it ended

BeowWulf 25 Mar 2014
I’ve been lamenting the state of Hard Rock/Metal in the states and while you guys aren’t in the states obviously, it gives me great hope. Not enough bands nowadays reveling in that classic Les Paul/Marshall stack sound. I love it! You guys have a great early or “Non-electronica’d” White Zombie sound. My kid loves you guys too! We’ll be looking for ya when you hit the Midwest for sure. Where can we get merch?

Merel 25 Mar 2014
So i put this song on repeat after simon and martina brought me here and my dad walked into my room sighing ‘ it is either asian girl groups dancing to electro pop beats or angry singing amarican men with rock guitars’ xD i said dad this singer is also asian He just looked at me, giggled and walked out xD lmao

Ben786 24 Mar 2014
I like this! It has kind of a Seether-y feel to it and I think the vocals are pretty awesome 😀

SakuraBunny Trieu 24 Mar 2014
I really love this since it is so classic sounding, like this is breaking into a bar and slamming the guy onto a table then punching him out music. Yeaaah XD I love his voice!!! I first started listening after indeed Eyk’s indie playlist but the first one they featured them in and not the Hongdaefest ones. But since then I’ve been really interested in their music XD

Happygigi700 24 Mar 2014
Why wasn’t I born in Korea? :c

diegoa137 24 Mar 2014
I’m not usually into this kind of music but this song is great; and his voice is perfect for this.

Tyler Dixon 24 Mar 2014
Once, I wrestled a big bear and it had a very angry face. Silent film style music video with a very 60’s-70’s American Hard Rock vibe. Yep, I would call this pretty spot on perfect. And let’s not forget that cowbell…I could have really used more of that.

freakableZou2 24 Mar 2014
Fucking dope. ‘Nuff said. Jose Alaniz 24 Mar 2014 I’m in love uuugghh this is soooo goood !!!!!!!!! Damn this is the best song i’ve heard in a longg time 😀

MyNameIsZouk 24 Mar 2014
well, that was powerfull. I think I should play this really loud when my sister’s are mad at me. Angry faces will be all around. 😀

Varja Palčič 24 Mar 2014
Thanks to EYK to introducing me to HarryBigButton, great song! 🙂 I think the video gives a feeling of an old-school rock, witch is awesome..it’s also a little nasty 😉

M. sim 24 Mar 2014
this song is rocking awesome

Sunday Splits 24 Mar 2014
You sir,are amazing.

Nyappy chan 24 Mar 2014
Like seriously. This is the kind of misic we need a lot more of. I can’t imagine why it doesn’t have more views, and really not how come it doesn’t get more publicity! I have always had a weak spot for this kind of rock music, especially a bit older songs. This does totally satisfy all my demands. And with all due respect, that girl is nice, but something even more awesome is that toy dog, tho! The conclusion is: impressive video and amazing song. What more can anyone ask for? Written by a nasty 🙂

RaWrr915 23 Mar 2014
this reminded me how much i love rock, that guitar just killed it! and that voice! im officially a fan now !!!

Cheng JS 23 Mar 2014
I normally don’t listen to such heavy metal but wow I’m really digging this. It’s definitely a song to do some major head bobbing and rocking out. I’ll really have to check out more from this band.

Nina salinas 23 Mar 2014
This song feeds my soul!!

ficklefairie 23 Mar 2014
Omg! Please come to Austin,TX for SXSW 2015!!!!

1979devilsadvocate 23 Mar 2014
Something about this video is really unsettling.I can’t quite put my finger on it.The weirdness is what really makes it go well together with the song.The whole thing just makes me uneasy,but in the best way possible.

Macarena Hojas 23 Mar 2014
This song is great, thank u EYK … When I saw the t-shirts of Martina and leigh I search your vídeos but this one is the best vídeo ever, is like Tim Burton style. Simply love it.

Mariajulia Mistretta 23 Mar 2014
I like how the video was something that not everyone would expect but still has a correlation with the song.

slightlycrazyed 23 Mar 2014
This is really not what I expected when I went through the EYK Indie playlist. Truly introduced another part of K Culture to a fanatic. Thank you

Shelia Clay 23 Mar 2014
DAEBAK!!!! OMG this rocked out hard!!! This song has such an old school metal feel that I just love. I could listen to this song forever and never get sick of hearing it. The vocals are just amazing with a raspy metal feel with a bit of soul thrown into the mix. The guitar parts were amazing and brought out my inner rage and made me headbang the whole song, and that drumming at the end that just made me want to jump into a mosh pit and have at it!!!! And the video did not take away from the feel and sound of the song, by it being in black and white i think it helped with the old school feel of the song. Lol while interesting I didn’t quite get the concept of the video but i still enjoyed it nonetheless.

xHeartGoesChu 23 Mar 2014
Woah when I first heard his speaking voice I was amazed. In a good way haha!! When I tell people I listen to Korean music they find it strange, but all I have to do is introduce them to HarryBigButton and they’re hooked! Now I’ve even converted people who don’t usually listen to Korean music into fans! Also this song is actually my favourite out of all their songs and I was so happy when they talked about it! 😀

seeminglydiana 23 Mar 2014
Nice!! I like it 🙂 you have a great voice, thanks eyk for introducing us to cool bands ^^

Pedro Hernandez 23 Mar 2014
It reminds me a lot of White Zombie…….. \m/ >.< \m/…. Also hear some Pantera and Zakk Wylde influences…..sweet.

gjoely 23 Mar 2014
It’s sad to be all the way in NY at this time, knowing that HarryBigButton will be performing oceans away in Korea ={ it would be awesome to see them live!!

Ngoc-Tran Le 23 Mar 2014
Whoa this song is so cool! Ahh! I thought I’d never be into indie music but this is seriously awesome! 🙂 Thank you to Eat Your Kimchi for sending me here. 😀 This is amazing. ^^ It makes you feel really badass right? The video is kind of weird but it’s a good weird. Definitely sticks out from the normal boring music videos. x) Great job on the song and video! 😀

remilovesyoumuch 23 Mar
2014 this is amazing it is hard to find music like this now a days. also that voice is just wonderful I love it. makes the song much more amazing. I think I just found a new band that I love.

SailorVenusJupiter 23 Mar 2014
(Google+ keeps eating my comment >:[ ) 3:06 Doggy head bang solo. By the way I loved the vocals and the great balanced guitars; it wasn’t too aggressive or crowded. The song was smooth throughout. And the woman is like a present, she keeps unwrapping and unwrapping!

adrixcha 23 Mar 2014
It’s hard for me to like hard rock sometimes because lead singers tend to just yell incoherent words, but this song I actually like, specially the battery and the guitar. The video is more ironic but that is actually what caught my attention. I think I’ll look more into their other songs.

PandaOlbrzymia 23 Mar 2014
Why it has only this little comments and views?! It’s just purely awesome ! thanks EYK for bringing me here ^^ .

Elizabeth Petersen 23 Mar 2014
The video was weird but I liked the music, Im not much for alot of heavy rock but I liked this song. I give it two thumbs up ^_^

Apryl Bee 23 Mar 2014
…this song gives me a happy face, HarryBigButton. \m/

Som1stolemycookie 23 Mar 2014
I love how this video is put together putting together a classic strip tease and (what looks like) a kids commercial with the hard rock of angry face. You wouldn’t think it would work but it really really does

Hideki Khimaera 23 Mar 2014
I must say… there’s some good stuff going on here. As a brazilian and fan of almost every kind of rock, this got my attention. It’s been a while since I heard a riff this heavy and dirty, also being cristal clear to hear, expected of asian rock I must say, but it’s a good thing. Appreciated this and keep rocking! /,,/

Jenna A 23 Mar 2014
I remember the first time Simon and Martina talked about you on their k-indie playlist a while ago. I’ve been a fan ever since because you guys are so awesome. HarryBigButton Rocks!

KyandiBeibee 23 Mar 2014
Aaaah this is amazing ; ; I, for sure, do not have an angry face right now. This is the kind of music I’ve been craving for a while now and man it’s perfect. I think I may have found one of my new favourite bands. Time to go play air guitar for the rest of the day to this.

Inga Numeijer 23 Mar 2014
I love hard rock and I never thought I could find a korean hard rock band. I love this! you’ve got a new fan HarryBigButton!

danielasylvester 23 Mar 2014
I LOVE the rich and deep voice of the singer and the classic rock sound of the song! I love rock music and consider it is very refreshing to listen to other genres beside the Kpop explosion that is taking the world. I would definitely subscribe to this artist and I’m looking forward to listen to more of his music! Cool video by the way, great job! Thanks to Eat Your Kimchi to let us know about this artist!

Murderous Banana 23 Mar 2014
I am in love with this song, and the rest of your music. So when I saw you on EYK I was sooo happy! I just wish I could see you live. That would be totally awesome.

PerfectlySenseless 23 Mar 2014
seriously, the first time I heard this song (during an earlier EYK Indie Playlist), I thought his voice was only like that while singing and already thought it was the most awesome voice ever. But after watching todays Indie Playlist, I’m even more amazed. Seriously, most epic voice ever :O. This is the kind of voice that I want to narrate my life xD. Also, while I’m writing this, I’m listening to Control and to be honest, (hard)rock isn’t really my thing, but I’m seriously loving you guys :D!!!

andieatscandy 23 Mar 2014
ikr me too! i dont usually like super hard rock, but HBB, has been a huge exception

Amanda Tingley 23 Mar 2014
new fan right here! this speaks to inner rock fan! Wish I was in Korea now to see you guys live!

yoloxochitl6 23 Mar 2014
¡Que viva el rock n roll! Rock on

Twichesimpletwo 23 Mar 2014
how freaking cute is the dog :DDDDD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a bit freaky too but..haha i think from now on i will run with this song ! It makes me so energetic

msoulpr3 23 Mar 2014
Cool ^-^

William Ward 23 Mar 2014
Great song; Weird video! I’m watching from work and the girl was one layer away from NSFW (Not Safe For Work) which would have been funny if it had happened. I love HarryBigButton! Really great rock music to jam out to.

Carlos Bautista 23 Mar 2014
This needs more comments. We always need more classic-style hard rock.

kitty katz 23 Mar 2014
This song makes me want to smoke a cigar, play pool, dance on a table, and crowd surf ALL AT ONCE.

Cynthia Lu 23 Mar 2014
Wow this is so different from the regular music videos I see nowadays. I needed a new band to become addicted to. Hopefully I can come see you guys live when I visit Korea in 6 months! But for now I’ll have to look for your albums in Itunes or elsewhere! I’m glad you came onto EYK, you’ve gained a new fan! 🙂

blingblingshineshine 23 Mar 2014
No words, just..ANGRY FACE at such a sick song

HeyItsSelin 23 Mar 2014
I was first introduced to harrybigbutton through the program rock on korea,I was amazed by the sound,then I saw martina talk about it and I knew I made the right choice by looking the band up, love your music,keep it up!!

LittleBird(。◕‿◕。) 23 Mar 2014
I love his voice….

artgirl0215 23 Mar 2014
Nice =)

KrazyMinchi 23 Mar 2014
This is AWESOME! I can’t thank EYK enough for introducing me to such a great band. I wish I could see this live! You have a new fan in Bulgaria! :

Yami Kagome 23 Mar 2014
Ahhh: I wish I could be in South Korea… Sooo awesome! “Angry Face” is probably my favorite Harry Big Button song (It maybe shares the place with “Fxxk You Very Much”.)! The guitar riffs just kill me every time…! Harry Big Button also has a very special place in my heart, since i got into korean indie music just about half a year ago thanks to “Control” and I’m a huge fan ever since… <3 P.S.: This comment turned out longer than planned! 😀

Geena 23 Mar 2014
wow, loved the video, and the song!

Laura Cowell 23 Mar 2014
I wanna be in Hongdae!!! This is just PERFECT!! I wanna be in the pit getting messed up to this!!

PiinkyPeyed 23 Mar 2014
Dang I’d love to see this live!

Nicoll Joshua Paatan 23 Mar 2014
One word: WOW. I saw the ‘Control’ MV, and +Eat Your Kimchi had mentioned it was a live recording. And this was recorded live, TOO?! If I was in Korea, I’d totally go and watch you guys. Keep on rocking!

cynical orange 23 Mar 2014
So glad EYK introduced us nastys to such a great band! Wish I could see it live :’)

brazinbox 23 Mar 2014
Love the song and vid! That dog reminds me of the old Droopy cartoons. Glad I came here from EYK!

Luna 23 Mar 2014
Amazing. It’s old school rock with lots of angst and power, and cool guitar riffs. I like it how the song is in the contrast to the video, which shows a smiling face of a girl. Oh man, I wish I could be in Korea for this live. thumbs up

Emel Akan 23 Mar 2014
this song is really good!! so sad that i didn’t knew it. but i’m uber glad that i know it! Wow! I really like it a lot. Fighting!! ^_^

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